Next Class October 6th at 10:00am

If you had the Opportunity to receive $10,000* in Down Payment assistance & have the ability to write off about $10,000** or more in interest payments per year for at least the first 5 years based on current tax programs (2018) would you consider buying your first house?

Are you a First Time Home Buyer or a person that has not owned a home in over 3 years, if so you could qualify for a Down Payment Assistance Programs.

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We have taught this class to over 150 People so far and have helped many of them get into a home with the down payment assistance program.
We personally have helped over 30 purchase their NEW HOME! Not to mention those who used all the valuable information we will teach you and did it on their own.
In fact here is Salima talking about the class and what she took away from it.
To Reserve your seat for the Next Class

We teach our home buying class once a month!
Coming to our home buying class you will learn:
A Road Map to Buying a Home,
Tips and tricks
What to look for
Types of Loans that are available
Safe Guards to protect you

Our home buying class is a great way for you to not only learn how easy it could be to own your own home, but it also puts you in contact with all of our friendly agents at Kens Home Team that will be able to guide that home buying process with you when you are ready to purchase your first or next home!

* must qualify for the loan program
** Verify with CPA for amount of deductions as of 2018