Top 5 Reasons to live in Vancouver WA
July 25, 2018 | Ken Rosengren

Vancouver Washington has so much to offer all who live in the city, however the general question is if you live so close to a major city such as portland why not just make the full move across the river. This question has a different answer depending on who you ask but we can easily show some of the many benefits that living in Vancouver can have.

1. Calmer Pace of Life

As I mentioned, Vancouver is just a quick drive away from Oregon’s largest city. In fact, Vancouver is only about seven miles away from Downtown Portland. Though close in proximity, you’ll quickly learn that Vancouver has a slower and calmer pace of life. Vancouver is a great community for families with plenty of quiet neighborhoods. In recent years, it has even topped the lists of Best Places To Live and Best Places To Retire. And, Vancouver is no concrete jungle! With plenty of parks, lawns, and trees, Vancouver has found a way to stay green in an otherwise bustling area of the world.

2. Plenty to Do

While Vancouver does not have the breadth of cultural happenings that occupy Portland event calendar, it still has plenty to offer residents and visitors. The Vancouver Farmers Market is the biggest attraction in Southwest Washington. Esther Short Park is host to a plethora of year-round special events and fun for the whole family, including the popular Vancouver Brewfest. There is plenty of educational fun to be had at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, and unique shopping experiences in Downtown Vancouver and Uptown Village.

3. Lower Cost of Living

One of the biggest benefits to living in Vancouver is the cost of living. Most residents find that living in Vancouver actually helps them save money. When you live and work in Washington, you avoid paying Oregon’s personal income tax. And while Washington does have a sales tax, Oregon is just a short drive away if you want to make a big purchase on things like furniture, home electronics, and the like.

4. Taxes
Though Oregon has one of the highest income tax rates in the country, the state currently has no sales tax. This means that you can shop for clothing and food to your heart’s desire without paying a penny over the listed price once you get to the register.
Interestingly, though not surprisingly, this has led to a huge increase in alcohol sales on the Oregon side of the Washington/Oregon border. In addition to alcohol, it is also really valuable to travel to places without sales taxes and purchase high value items—like electronics and other goods that tend to be pricier—because you can save a whole lot of money just by driving across the river.
Residents of Washington, on the other hand, while paying sales tax pay no income tax and far lower house prices than their neighbors in Oregon. Meaning that if you were to live and pay taxes in the state of Washington, but do all of your shopping in Oregon, you could cut yourself a huge tax break simply by commuting between the two states.
If you’re looking to move somewhere and simultaneously save yourself a lot of money down the line, the Washington/Oregon border is definitely a place worth looking into.

5. New Construction at an Affordable Price 

Speaking of affordability, there is a lot of new construction happening in the Vancouver area. These new construction projects are providing affordable alternatives to the high rent costs and more expensive condo options in Portland.
The general vancouver area always has homes for around $300,000 making it a great to live if you are wanting to become established somewhere. Vancouver not only offers the affordable pricing for houses and new construction it also has to offer the beautiful views of portland or nearby mountains in certain parts of the area.


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