Top 4 Home Renovations to help you get Top Dollar
July 25, 2018 | Ken Rosengren
Home renovations can be a complete hassle, or if your the do it yourself type a never ending project. With that being said it will be worth all the struggle in the end.

Small renovations although off putting to homeowners are what helps get top dollar for your home when you go to list. Its the small updates that gives the buyer less room to negotiate price since most all updates that they would have wanted in an outdate house would have already been done.

AS shown in the picture below curtesy of Keeping Current Matter these 4 Smaller renovations can really help you get that max ROI (return on investment).
Not only are we all real estate agents here at Kens Home Team we are your friends in anything home related. If you are looking at making any home renovations we have contacts for you. Let us help you!  


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